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Series UV-Visible Spectrophotometer adopts microprocessor control technology, can meet the requirements of qualitative and quantitative tests for most samples in conventional laboratories. The instrument is widely used in medical and health, clinical examination, biochemical, chemical engineering, environmental protection, food industry, academy and quality control departments, etc. The instrument with a low price and high performance is your best choice.
1. The instrument adopts LCD display and a sample compartment for 0.5~10 cm cells.
2. Keyboard operation is simple & clear, “the key of spectroscopic ” can use easy adjust 0% & 100%  automatically, and there is the function of automatic 0%(T), 100%T adjustment and no error T-A transform. Factor can be set, the display result may be consistence. RS232 port is equipped.
3. The automatic switch apparatus of light source is equipped with high precision auto-scan structure in UV Spectrophotometer.
4. Excellent technics and strict components selection make the instrument have outstanding measure repeatability and stability.
5. Patent be gained Streamline form, the popular paint which is resist to the chemistry, suitable to the modern laboratory environment.

Model 752
Wavelength Range (nm) 195~1020
Transmission Ratio Range (%T) 0.0~199.9
Absorbency Range (A) -0.301~1.999
Consistence Display Range 0~1999
Wavelength Accuracy (nm) +/-2
Spectrum Bandwidth (nm) 4
Measure precision (%T) 0.5
Stray Light (%T) <=0.3(@220nm)
scan software NO
Power Supply Voltage (V) 110V or 220V +/- 10% 50~60HZ
Output Port RS232
Dimensions (mm) 460*360*200
Package 550*440*280
Gross Weight/Net Weight (kg) 12/10
Standard Configure (included) 1 cm Glass Cell 1 Set
1 cm Quartz Cell 1 Set
Optional (Not included) 5~10cm Sample Holder


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